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Welcome to the Future of Candy

our story

Hi! I’m Mayssa, the founder of BEHAVE. And I love sweets.

Growing up with a diabetic father, we were a “no sweets” household. This only made me crave candy and sweets more, and I developed an unhealthy relationship with sugar.

As I got older, I started to feel the impact of my sugar binges on my physical and mental health. I learned about the harmful effects that sugar was having on my health, and I started looking for healthier options. But I couldn’t find a healthier candy alternative anywhere.

This led me to create BEHAVE. I partnered with world-renowned chefs and food scientists to develop the first candy on the market that both me and my diabetic dad can enjoy, guilt free.

Hope you'll enjoy it too!

Mayssa, Founder & CEO

Female founded

We aren’t just revolutionizing the candy industry with our healthier, low-sugar products, we are the only female-owned and led company in the industry, with 100% of our leadership and R&D teams comprised of women. Women are severely under-represented in the candy and food industry at large, and we’re proud to be part of changing that.

who loves behave?

"Mmmmm they're so good. I love the amount of sour-ness to them. A+"

Tracey Komlos,

who loves behave?

"ok, this is unbelievable"

Naomi Goez,

who loves behave?

"I have no idea how they did this but they're delicious"

How we stack up

sugar net carbs calories fiber nothing artificial blood sugar friendly
3g 5g 80 18g
4g 18g 110 13g
23g 38g 167 0g
40g 45g 183 0g
40g 38g 175 0g

*Per 50g serving (1 bag of BEHAVE)


We donate 1% of online sales from our website to charity organizations. We collaborate with our community to select the organizations we partner with on a rotating basis. We select partner organizations based on the causes that our community cares about and timely issues.

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The Sampler

1 box = 4 pouches

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best seller

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Everything Pack

4 boxes = 24 pouches

Raspberry, Pineapple, Apple

Sweet Stars

1 box = 6 pouches

Raspberry, Apple, Pineapple

Sour Stars

1 box = 6 pouches

Watermelon, Mango, Lychee

Sweet Bears

1 box = 6 pouches

Watermelon, Mango, Lychee

Sour Bears

1 box = 6 pouches